Purchase Agreement

SAP Center at San Jose Single Event Suite License Agreement

Last Updated: June 8, 2021

Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations set forth herein and in the Basic Terms, the Sharks grant Licensee a license to use the suite designated above (the "Suite") during the event(s) listed above (the "Event(s)") at the event facility known as SAP Center at San Jose (the "Venue"). Licensee may be required to share use of the Suite with other parties, as determined in the sole discretion of the Sharks. Licensee will receive only those Tickets and seat locations described above. Licensee is solely responsible for the acts of any person Licensee invites or permits to enter or use the Suite, any person to whom Licensee provides Tickets, and/or any person who rightfully enters the Venue using a Ticket conferred upon Licensee under this Agreement (the "Guest(s)"). All terms and conditions related to Licensee’s use and possession of the Suite will apply equally to its Guests. Each person in the Suite must have a valid ticket for the specific Event occurring at that time. Licensee assumes full responsibility at all times for protecting all personal effects of Licensee and Licensee’s Guests from theft, robbery and trespass. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied in the Suite and supervised at all times by a designated custodian over the age of 21. THE SHARKS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOSS OF ANY PERSONAL PROPERTY BROUGHT INTO THE SUITE BY LICENSEE OR ITS GUESTS.

ALL SALES FINAL. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Licensee assumes all risks of injury, loss and other dangers arising from or related to admission to the Venue, spectator or player interaction, facility conditions, flying objects and other hazards associated with attending games and events in a public forum and/or using the Suite (the "Risks").Licensee is responsible for alerting its Guests of the Risks. Licensee fully waives, releases and discharges the Indemnified Parties from, and the Indemnified Parties will not be liable or responsible for, any Claims related to or arising from any loss, damage or injury to any person or property in or around the Suite or the Venue resulting from any cause, including, but not limited to, flying objects, theft and vandalism, except to the extent due to the gross negligence or willful misconduct of an Indemnified Party. Under no circumstances will either party be liable to the other for any consequential, special, indirect, incidental, punitive or exemplary loss, damage, cost or expense.

Suite License Fee above does not include any food or beverage. Food and beverage will be available for purchase and Licensee is responsible for all food and beverage ordered by Licensee and/or its Guests. If Licensee purchased use of the Suite as part of an Event package, each Event will be memorialized in a separate Single Event Suite License Agreement. Suite and Ticket availability cannot be guaranteed until a Single Event Suite License Agreement for the applicable Event is executed by Licensee and Sharks.

Licensee has read, understands and agrees to the terms and conditions with respect to the suite license granted by the Sharks under this Agreement. By signing below, you represent and warrant that you have the full right and authority to bind Licensee to this Agreement. Additional terms and conditions available at sjsharks.com.